Monday, March 21, 2011

The Talent Code

So I havent posted since October and a lot has gone down since then. And if your reading this that probably means I have kept somewhat in touch with you and you know the general outline of events at least. But just in case, heres the highlight reel.

New Hair-
Over Christmas break I got my hair cut and highlighted professionally for the first time.

last day of practice coach always lowers the rim so we can dunk on it. All I have to say is it is a lot harder than those guys make it look.

We went to nationals as the 4th seed. We lost and ended up taking 7th. Our guys went all the way though.So these ones I kinda stole off the nationals website, my AND1 wasn't worth the 100 bucks they wanted for it :) Anyways heres the breakdown of how to do a crazy lefty layup by yours truly.

 Ms. Fake-N-Bake here was crazy. she stole the ball from me by doing the splits and when she fell she did a back handspring thing to get up. Definitely not a human.
This is me being distracting to the person shooting free throws, it worked half the time :)

I either have humungeous arms, or its the inevitable start of relief society flab...either way that girl is about to be caught up.

Overall I had a great last season. I was awarded Academic All-American for the 2nd time, which was one of my biggest goals.  My team was just the team I needed and best people anyone could ask for. Though basketball is obviously not my life, I had a chance to have some leadership responsibility, gain respect from other people, learn a lot from coaches and friends, and shoot I was in shape for a good 4 years :)

Boyfriend- I met a great guy named Ryan. We have been dating for about a month and things are going well. 
 This is us at the local rodeo. Lots of fun. K we are kinda goofy sometimes

Spring Break- with Bill, Tammy, and Reiden in Charlottesville, and a Day in DC with Gigi and Cara.
tired feet
Represent! WWII Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
This duck in front of the capital building was smiling at me :)
DC Cupcakes, like off the TV show on TLC. Delicious. Going clockwise from top left-irish creme, maple, salted caramel, and chocolate squared. Yummmmm.

Senior Show Prep- So its about a month til the show, I'm way nervous and i dont feel ready. Here is my workspace and a few of my works so far. Tell me what you think.
This ones titled "the saint".
This ones called "Iris"
This is "time and seek"
My beloved studio space. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

semester of invisibility

Temple trip 2 weeks ago.
So This semester is interesting. A few people saw me at the last institute activity on friday and excitedly asked if i was here visiting, and told me they were so glad to see me! After telling them I was still a student they looked at me apologetically and surprised. They explained they never see me, and I just said "its true, I am invisible." So the real reason is that I have all art classes, all of which are off campus, one scene painting class, in a out of the way basement workshop, and a current events class, an evening class so  nobody's around. In contrast to last year where i seemed to be everywhere at once on this small campus, now im still everywhere, just out of sight. Its kind of a relief, but i do feel out of the loop on campus life, like im the typical senior "keep- to- herself- locked- up- in- a- studio" art student. But I have been having a great time. My various Responsibilities are still there but i feel as though i have just a lil bit of extra time to myself to have fun and to also get out of the house, something that never happened last year.
A couple weekends ago was homecoming weekend, and all the legends from my freshman team came back and surprised me. I had a blast with them, reminiscing and talking like old times. I am officially the last person around that any of them played with still at SVU, if they come back in future years they wont know anyone. I guess thats part of why they all chose this year to come back, and Im so glad they did. Among that group are some of the best examples ive ever had, not just as legends on the court but as people with priorities and high standards. They always seemed so graceful and set in what they believed. Now I feel like I'm too old for this place, like I belong more with those older alums than with the current students, who all seem so young to me. I guess i can officially say i have senioritis!!!!
Anyways, thats enough of my self pondering. I have art to show you!
First off, scene painting has turned out to be one of my favorite classes. Its a whole new way of painting. The goal is to get the point across realistically from the back of an auditorium, say 100 ft away. You have to take into consideration where your light source is and plant shadows within your paint. The colors have to be extra intense to show at a distance, and detail is not as crucial. The trick though, is to not make it look sloppy and cartoonish to the people in the front row. Its a lot of fun to play with texture. So far we have done stone, brick, texture studies, and now we are working on marble. So when you (mom and dad) build your dream home, I know all the fun wallpaper techniques :)

Printmaking is a challenge, and a lot more particular than I feel comfortable with. However, it fun because its a mix of painting, drawing, wood carving and engraving, and you get to work with antique presses and tools. Its an art form that is getting lost in today's contemporary art world. The oldest books used printmaking to illustrate text, and old newspapers used it for political cartoons and news. its been around for at least 1000 years. Its a big process but very rewarding because your can make as many originals as long as your woodblock holds out.

Aside from art classes, its totally fall here, and the colors are beautiful! Tonight I hosted a team party at my house and we carved pumpkins, one of which we ding dong ditched to coach's house :) Oh, and for the first time in my life I had a very successful thrift store shopping trip, and picked up what I think is my new favorite skirt, and several business attire items for work. I think I'm like Dad, I really like dressing up. Its feels good to look professional. :) Haha

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where in the world is Ausfart?

My very own four leaf clover! Cara's mom could pick them out so fast!
The Joyner Home

German Pics are UP! I had a great time! Castles, rolling hills, lederhosen and dirndls, trains, cathedrals, and field after field of sunflowers, corn, and hobs(what they make their beer out of). Bavaria is the southern state of Germany, where I spent most my time. The town i lived in was called Rechberg(bErg means hill or mountain). It maybe was home to 300 hundred people. It had a restaurant called The RechbergerHoff which was the village's biggest attraction. It served the best champignion(mushroom) schnitzel! I crave it. In germany and I hear other european places, they serve spaghetti and lasagna icecream. Its cool. Of all the flavors i liked stracciatella best, I think Maria suggested it.


The most beautiful lake i have ever seen,nestled in the german alps. The water was crystal clear, almost tropical looking.

WalHalla( W is pronounced V)
Its like the german parthanon, full of ceramic busts of famous germans. Built by order of King Ludwig I. It was undergoing some preservation when we went.

Awesome architechure everywhere. Every little town has its own church that looks lik this, a lot have the bulbs on top. The pic on the left is a huge building, I think a theatre.

German people have the best taste in flowers and lanscaping. They all keep their lawns in impecable neatness, and most homes have beautiful flower boxes in their windows, I lovedthat.

this reminds me of peter pan, it was part of a huge Poseidon fountain by a palace of Loopy Ludwig II. They called him loopy cause he liked swans, didnt like girls, was way into fantasy stories(built the chitti chitti bang bang castle) and kept to himself.